Main Game Modes

Become the best racer in town and earn tokens by playing the different game modes:


Within Street Runner we include a free mode where you can drive a standard vehicle on a closed track without the need to own a vehicle to feel the driving sensation.


A type of race in which the start is made in line stop mode on a street circuit and completing the course to the finish line.

In Street Runner we like to be true to reality and therefore we create the same weather conditions as in real life by driving in the rain, day or night so the player experiences different driving sensations.


Rookie races are intended for those who are starting in the world of racing where you can gain experience and win your first races.

This way you will be able to advance to the next levels where the rewards are greater.

To take part in the race, you need a category Rookie vehicle and pay the entry fee of 10 SRP


Amateur races are intended to introduce players to the Street Runner ecosystem by giving them the chance to familiarise themselves with the environment and their driving in order to improve and advance to the next level.

To take part in the race, you need a category 1 or 2 vehicle and pay the entry fee of 100 SRP.


A level 2 car or higher and an entry fee of SRP are required to take part.


Street races are designed for a single player with driving experience in which each race will be a challenge to win against other more experienced drivers with modified vehicles.

A category 3 or 4 vehicle and an entry fee of 500 SRP are required to take part.


The last step up to the highest level of careers. In the Carbon Races you will enjoy a high level of competition.

A level 4 car or higher and an entry fee of SRP are required to take part.


Runner races are especially aimed at players who are looking for a great challenge and a high reward for it; achieving victory here adds a high economic value.

To participate, a category 5 vehicle and a participation fee of 2,500 SRP are required.

The items included in each Starter Pack will be released at the launch of the Marketplace to the relevant owner


This type of event consists of several races carried out in a team relay race in a stop-and-go mode, completing the urban circuit. These tournaments are open to players within a team of up to four players.

They will be divided into two categories:

2 vs 2 relay race using two vehicles with their drivers per team.


This type of race involves running away from the police in a traffic environment in which you have to complete the race in a set minimum time to escape from the police and earn the SRP reward.


This mode provides the perfect opportunity to partner and create a team that will benefit both parties according to their roles, making it the perfect partnership. This makes it a two-sided opportunity for both those looking for passive income and those players looking to play and win.

  • Team Owner: is the person who invests in buying the cars and their upgrades.

  • The Runner: is the one who "drives" using the vehicles provided by the team owner.


The "betting" system provides a bonus within the game as any player can back a result of another player or him/herself in a race or tournament. From the world rankings you’ll be able to see the best team and individual riders with their statistics to help you decide who is the best choice.

This support can be provided in:

  • You can use SRP available in your wallet.

  • You can use any of the items you own, such as parts, cars, nitrous oxide, etc.

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